Relationship Concerns

When relationship problems become too much, counselling can help

You might find that you and your partner keep having the same argument over and over, without truly resolving it. Or that one or both of you comes away from arguments feeling deeply hurt, not listened to or misunderstood.

Many of our clients come to us feeling pressure or difficulty in their relationships. Our team of counsellors are highly experienced in helping people address a broad range of relationship concerns, as well as the underlying issue that might be fuelling them.

Please note that we offer relationship counselling to individuals, not couples.

Sometimes, if you – or someone close to you – might be drinking too much, having trouble keeping a handle on emotions, gambling or gaming a lot, using drugs or a combination of these or other things, then it’s likely relationships will become more challenging too.  Communication may be breaking-down, conflict might be increasing and there could be concerns about the future. It can easily become a cycle of everything seemingly getting worse, one thing impacting the other and it’s hard to know how to get things back on track.

Your romantic relationship is usually the one to be most affected, but these concerns can encompass a wide range of relationships, including children, other family, friends or colleagues.

If you’d like help improving your relationships, Helm can help. Book a Counselling Session or call us today on 1300 388 576 to speak with our team.

Whether you’ve decided the time is right to get support or you’ve been encouraged to by someone close to you, our team has the skills, training and experience to get you where you want to be.

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