Anger & Other Emotions

Mastering Your Emotions & Overcoming Anger

Emotions are what help us connect to others and experience life to the fullest. But life can be up and down.

We hit rough patches, which can lead to emotions that are hard to deal with, such as anger, grief, shame, sadness, fear and guilt.

Sometimes we try to cope by acting in a way that releases tension, helps us to forget, or dulls our feelings. It might be taking drugs or drinking or angry outbursts. Often these coping methods throw fuel on the fire and lead to problems that are even more difficult to deal with.

Do you sometimes feel that your anger or emotions are so intense that they’re affecting how you behave and getting in the way of living the life you want?

The team at Helm has 30 years experience helping people get their emotions under control. Helm offers online counselling and coaching as well as over-the-phone or in-person sessions. Our approach is supported by proven techniques, strategies and activities that help you understand your behaviour and guide you to manage your feelings effectively.

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