Information for General Practitioners

Mental health care is time-consuming and costly for GPs.  A service like Helm can help by providing timely and effective treatment for a range of problem behaviours.

Helm is designed to help get lives back on track.  Whether it be problem drinking or drug use, excessive gambling, relationship issues or difficulty managing emotions, Helm offers counselling and other support services that give people the tools to change

Helm are experts in behavioural health and look beyond mental health to a wide range of issues and behaviours that cause distress and disruption in people’s lives. These behaviours can have far-reaching effects for general health, wellbeing and relationships, not just for the person themselves, but for those around them.

GPs often simply don’t have time or the expertise to offer optimal help to these types of patients and many public services are unable to meet demand.

The team behind Helm are experienced psychologists, social workers and counsellors who have almost 30 years’ experience working as mental health and addiction specialists across the health and justice systems.  Put simply, we know what works.

Helm offers counselling and other support services that take a tailored, non-judgemental, and confidential approach.  Importantly, Helm is easily accessible: no waitlist, available online, face-to-face and over the phone.

Medicare rebates are available with a mental health treatment plan, although these are not necessary to access the service. If you have a MHTP for a client it should be addressed to Helm, 1/260 Hoddle Street, Abbotsford, 3067 and sent to [email protected].

Helm can help get your patients’ life back on track

If you think Helm can help your patients, download and print this PDF which provides the information they need to take the next step