Counselling Services for Drug Addiction


Drug Use

When drug addiction takes over

Most people start using drugs for a bit of fun or to take the edge off whatever’s going on in life. For many, a dabble now and then is manageable, but for others, things can get out of hand.

We might have the urge to take drugs more often or use more than we intended. We usually tell ourselves it’s OK, that we’ve got it under control, and that it’s no big deal. Until we get that gut feeling that things aren’t right – maybe things have slipped at work, or friends and family are worried about us.

Drugs can tempt us in many ways and can take many forms. It may be ice, cocaine, meth or prescription drugs that has us in their grip.

If drugs are causing issues in your life, Helm can help. We offer specialist counselling, as well as a more structured 6-session program called Power to Change.

Key questions to ask to get on the right path to a
better future.

Is drug use a
problem for me?

Where do
I start?

How can family and
friends help?

Whether this is the first time you’ve thought about getting help – or if you feel like you’ve tried everything – our counsellors have the skills, training and experience to get things back on track.


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