How Can Family
& Friends Help?

If you’re concerned that someone you care about might have a problem or addiction to pornography, there are ways you can support them.

You might have noticed changes like:

  • They’re using their phone or computer in a secretive way
  • You have found pornographic material on their phone or computer
  • They are less involved in social and/or self-care activities
  • They have made comments regarding sex and intimacy that are unusual them

Offering support without judgement is of enormous value to someone dealing with pornography issues. It’s important to remember that individuals often feel a lot of guilt and shame about their behaviours.

Here are some useful tips and strategies to support people for whom you want to provide help:

  • Try to understand your loved one’s perspective and communicate your concerns clearly and gently. Offer hope and encouragement.
  • Change takes time – they will most likely face challenges as they try to change their behaviour. Be patient and offer them emotional support and encouragement throughout the process.
  • Celebrate all the “little” ‘wins’ and try not to be critical when there are set backs.
  • Simple gestures such as listening and offering emotional support, without judgement, can go a long way. You can offer support and encouragement, but it’s up to them to make change.
  • It’s normal to feel drained and stressed throughout the change process. If dealing with these stressors becomes hard or too much, seek support from others or get in touch.

If you think your friend or family member needs professional support and want to find out more about Helm, book a 20 minute advisory session with one our trained professionals. They’ll discuss the specific needs of your situation and answer any questions about how Helm can help.

If you’d like some support, book a 50-minute consult specifically designed for concerned friends and family members, where you’ll meet with one of our counsellors.

The team at Helm have almost 30 years’ experience helping people to assess, understand their patterns of behaviour and implement tools for change. Helm offers online counselling and coaching as well as over-the-phone and in-person sessions.
Whether this is the first time you’ve thought about getting help for your family member or friend, or you feel like you’ve tried everything, our team has the skills, training and experience to get them where you want them to be.

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