Mental Health

Care Plans

All you need to know about a Mental Health Care Plan, what they’re for and how to get one.

A Mental Health Care Plan is a document that a GP writes with you about treating a mental health condition. This can include depression and anxiety as well as substance issues, such as drinking and drugs.   

The plan identifies: 

  • The goals you and the doctor have agreed on 
  • The type of healthcare you might need 

How can a Mental Health Care Plan help me?

If you’re struggling with your mental health, having a Mental Health Care Plan can help with covering some of the cost of seeing a specialist mental health professional. It can also help you feel more in control of your mental health and feel more supported. 

You don’t need a Mental Health Care Plan to access Helm’s services, but if eligible, it will help subsidise the costs of our counselling services. 

What’s involved in getting a Mental Health Care Plan?

The doctor will assess your mental health by: 

  • Asking you a few questions, usually covering your symptoms, how you feel, what has been concerning you, and what you feel has affected your life 
  • Discussing your goals with you 

Based on that, they’ll then determine if you would benefit from a Mental Health Care Plan 

What does it cover?

A Mental Health Care Plan lets you claim up to 10 individual and 10 group sessions with a mental health professional each calendar year. As is the case for Helm’s services, Medicare only covers some of the cost.  Typically, you will receive a rebate of $88 for each counselling session. 

How can I get a Mental Health Care Plan?

You get a Mental Health Care Plan from a doctor.  It can be your regular GP or you can access any health service.

If you’re interested in an online health service, we recommend InstantScripts. They have a team of Australian-registered GPs who can help patients access a Mental Health Care Plan. This will be done during a 20-minute video consultation. These consultations are subsidised by Medicare and have an out-of-pocket cost of $49.

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