Is Pornography a
Problem For Me?

Signs that pornography may be impacting your life:

  • You often think about being on your computer or phone
  • You access pornographic content in secret
  • You’ve begun withdrawing from healthy habits such as exercising, reading, watching movies, in favour of viewing pornography
  • Your work and social life are suffering
  • You have secret email accounts, incognito tabs etc. to hide your pornography access
  • You feel compelled to look at explicit images, and can’t look away
  • You don’t enjoy the things you use to enjoy and instead prefer to spend time accessing pornography
  • You feel shame and guilt about the things you are looking at online, and that you can’t stop
  • You may have noticed your expectations and boundaries in intimate or sexual situations have changed
  • Your partner may have noticed and/or commented on changes to your attitudes towards sex and intimacy

Accessing support to address issues with pornography can be difficult. It’s easy to tell yourself it will go away on its own, to just give it time. But changing addictive behaviours is really difficult without help. It’s also hard to open up to someone when you feel shame, guilt and even bad or dirty for looking at pornography.

Know that you are not alone and our clinicians are non-judgemental and empathic and can help you to achieve your behaviour change goals.

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