Most people experience financial pressure from time to time, and there are many reasons why.

Some find themselves in spiralling debt, which can be incredibly stressful and hard to see a way out of.

Financial pressure can have significant impacts on other areas of life, which can lead to feelings of stress, anxiety, depression, relationship conflict and disconnection, sleep disturbance and, for some, thoughts of self-harm or suicide.

At Helm, we can help to reduce the stress of financial pressure in a range of ways, including:

  • Managing anxiety about debt
  • Managing emotions (depression, anger, stress)
  • Helping with sleep disturbance
  • Improving communication about money with partners and family
  • Managing thoughts of self-harm or suicide
  • Accessing help with finances and debt
  • Dealing with over-spending or compulsive spending

If you’d like support with any of these, Helm can help. Book an online session or call us today on 1300 388 576 to speak with our team.

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